Comfortable In Her Perfect Imperfection

Free spirited hippie
Who cares about too much
And nothing at all.
Learning myself day by day
One day my inner being will be found.
Writing is a passion
Fitness is my journey
Reading is my escape
Laughing is my life

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April Goals:

This is my first month setting visual goals for myself…so here it goes. Today I did yoga and I actually enjoyed it…I mean genuinely enjoyed it and thought about myself progressing. That’s when I know that I enjoy doing something.

1. To do yoga at least 4 days a week

2. To be able to squat my body weight, well I weigh 128.8, you can’t squat that lol, so I’m going to aim for 125lbs. My max now is 105 so that shouldn’t be to difficult.

3. For the last two weeks i’ve exercised at least 6 days a week and I feel awesome and I would like to continue with that habit for the month of April as well

4. Save 300 for school. University of New Orleans is about 800 for a class and that’s how much I have to save…I have 100 so far and I would like 300 by the end of April

5. To lose .5inches from my waist

6. To add 100 to my savings account

I think that’s it for the month of April…we shall see how I do. :)

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